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working with virginia tech parents on closing the so- called gun show background check loopholes nationwide. >>> our time coming up on 6:30. arizona is a battleground for illegal immigration. sandra endo reports this plan will be in this spotlight on captiol hill today. >> reporter: tough new border security proposals in arizona. it's a big effort to curb illegal immigration which some in the state say is causing major problems. >> those crossing the border illegally are increasingly armed and the violence across our southern border and in arizona has increased. >> reporter: the state lawmakers passed what is considered some of the toughest border security legislation in the nation. local police would now be able to investigate a person's status, regardless of whether the individual is suspected of any other crime, which was the extent of the law before. the state's two republican senators are also pushing a 10- point plan which would include dispatching 3,000 national guard troops to the border. >> people are fed up and the federal government hasn't done what it needs to do to s
in virginia, those ramps should be reopening at 66 here as we take a live look near the little river, 236 exit and at the mixing bowl. the ramps should be opening about now. on 395 northbound. drivers are moving at speed from the beltway to the 14 t street bridge. and inbound new york avenue, you are clear all the way to the third street tunnel. back to you. >>> just as things appeared heading to back to normal in the skies over europe, another eruption from the volcano in iceland threatens to wreak havoc again. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live from dulles airport with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. there's some good news here. europe has started to allow some limited air traffic. in fact today flights took off from amsterdam and moscow, but, and here's the bad news, there is more volcanic ash from an even stronger eruption. scientists say the volcano is strengthening and say a new ash cloud is heading straight to europe which is threatening to keep the runways grounded a sixth straight day. originally it appeared the giant plume was beginning to clea
across the world including virginia lieutenant governor bolling. he's stuck in italy the ash cloud is affecting the deployment of u.s. troops. many have been stucked at bwi for several days. some are getting hotel rooms and others are staying with friends and others are taking advantage of the uso lounge. >> instead of having to stay out in the concourses or walk the halls of the airport, we are here so they have a comfortable place to stay. they can stowe their bags. if they have enough time they can take a light rail in the harbor from here. >> reporter: some offering their homes for troops to stay in for free. >>> in the news now, u.s. and iraqi forces killed the top two members of allocate that in iraq. they were killed during a night time raid. on monday, vice president joe biden said the killings are potentially devastating blow 0 the terrorist network in iraq. the operation was carried out based on intelligence that iraqi security forces had gathered. >>> a senate committee subpoenaed the obama administration for information on last year's mass shooting at the ft. hood army
getting started tonight. coming up, a virginia couple under arrest now and charged with animal cruelty in connection with a cockfighting ring. >>> also tonight, fireses are for firefighters. why were police called to this massive house fire in prince george's county. >>> a well-known health organization wants the federal government to wage war on salt. we are coming right back. >>> it is one of the biggest related seizures in the entire state of virginia. tonight a spotsylvania county couple is facing dozen of charges after running a suspected cockfighting breeding farm. they were under investigation since authorities raided their rural home on march 3rd. jane watrel joins us from the newsroom with more on how those animals and neighbors were suffering. jane? >> reporter: jim, it was loud. authorities say that they could have brought 150 charges against the couple but settled for 49 misdemeanor and felony charges apiece. largest seizure of its kinds in the state of virginia. stacks of chicken crates are all that remain of what authorities believed was a cockfighting breeding farm. alic
there because she was there. >> dr. height was born in richmond, virginia on march 24th, 1912. after graduating from new york university with a master's degree in educational psychology, she found the ywca's center for racial justice in 1938. from 1947 until 1956 dr. height was elected the national president of delta sigma sorority and from 1947 to 1998 she served as the president of the national council of negro women. our coverage of the death of dr. dorothy height continues on our website, and of course we will have complete coverage on 9 news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. >>> the district's water and sewer authority is telling residents in some areas not to drink water because of the higher than normal chlorine concentration. the areas affected are bounded by macarthur boulevard on the west, western and eastern avenues on the north, the amtrak railroad tracks on the east, and upshire street on the east side of rock creek and calvert street to observatory circle and w street on the west side of rock creek. >>> banking giant goldman sachs reports it earned $3.3 billion in the first thr
at the virginia metro station. it's quiet. a lot of people jog in this area. it's 51 degrees. ameren a light coat, but that's it. you don't need anything more. this afternoon i will shed a few layers as it will be much warmer. we have a wide range of temperatures. let's look at the numbers. 34 degrees at fort meade. 34 at stafford. those are usually the cooler readings. gainesville, 43. our forecast, a lot of sunshine, increasing clouds later this afternoon and evening, highs in the upper 60's, that's normal. rain showers by tomorrow. >> normal for this time of mourning. heavier volume of traffic is what we have on 95, 66, and southbound 270. there's a brief delay in manassas on centreville in 66 -- on 66. looks good across the roosevelt bridge. nothing on 95. out of fredericksburg to get to springfield. traffic on 95. northbound moving at speed heading into springfield all the way to the pentagon is good. back to you. >> 50 degrees in roslyn. >> coming up, kids and sell phones. a new poll shows some of them don't put them down even when they are sleeping. >> washinton makes progress on financial
. >>> governors of maryland and virginia came together with the mayor of d.c. to talk about making the metro more safe. virginia governor bob mcdonnell said poor management is one of the reasons for recent safety issues including the deadly accident. a metro spokesperson says they welcome more oversight. >>> a d.c. councilman is introducing a proposal to raise more money for the metro system. he is proposing a 10 cent per gallon surcharge on gas sold in the district. this would include parts of maryland and virginia. it would require congressional and state approval. >>> she was a leader in fight for civil rights. tonight, we remember the long life and legacy of dorothy height >> all over washington d.c., people are remembered a legend and the impact she had on the civil rights movement. district resident and civil rights icon, dorothy height, is being mourned. she was the president of the national council of negro women. flowers were placed outside the building named after the powerful leader. >> she stood for dignity. she stood for rights. she stood for bringing out the best in people. she stoo
activists are mad about it. virginia's governor is about to sign a bill requiring elementary schools to use the nra's curriculum when teaching gun safety. here is peggy fox. >> there's a gun up here. >> i don't care what the narrow interest is. i don't want it mandated and i don't want it shoved down my child's throat. > antigun activists are angry about legislation that says if school boards decide to offer firearm safety education in elementary schools, they must use the national rifle association's eddie eagle gun safe program, which includes this video tape. >> and then, behind the broom, i saw a gun. at just that moment, the kids saw it, too. >> they consulted child psychologists in developing the program. >> stop. don't touch. leave the area, tell an adult. >> but eddie is no different than joe, who encouraged kids to smoke, says brad, with the brady campaign. >> they are doing this because they are trying to recute more gun owners in the future. >> in the pocket of the nra. >> this is an nra backed bill all the way. basically, they want to indoctrinate our children. >> she i
. >>> hundreds of people rallied in washington and northern virginia to remind the government about their constitutional right to bear arms. one group rallied in alexandra. many of the speakers carried loaded guns. that is because of a new law that allows weapons in national parks. at the washington monument those in attendance were unarmed. they said their concern is not about race or political background, but rather protecting the constitution. leaders say they chose today because it is the anniversary of battles in 1775 that were instrumental in starting the revolutionary war. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley called the beating of a university of maryland student by police officers "a very serious issue." he talked about the videotape beating on wtop radio today. o'malley says it is the responsibility of any police force to keep an eye on the public and its officers. >> lots of people have seen the video. very few of us were there on the scene but i'm sure this matter will receive the attention it deserves from the chief of police of prince george's county. >> four officers
richmond, virginia. height grew up to become a founding matriarch of the american civil rights movement. her crusade for racial justice and gender equality spanned more than six decades. dorothy height was 98 years old when she died overnight tha s kt perse. >> she was spiritually mature enough not to hold grudges. and not to hold anger. but to keep on pushing until men got the idea. they did. >> reporter: howard university hospital says dr. height passed away at 3:41 this morning from natural causes. but at age 98 those close to dr. height say she lived a full life never letting obstacles stand in her way. >> she spoke for women and if people remember she was part of what they called part of the big six. five men and dr. height. her presence said to us that we could be wherever we wanted to be. >> reporter: it was our mission to bring women to the forefront of american society. for 40 years she served as the president of the national council of negro women. she was a key figure in desegregating schools and voting rights and received the highest award for a civilian, presidenti
a little bit throughout the day, and i know that my friends from virginia and my friend from connecticut had a press conference earlier today to talk about some of the issues that are being talked about rhetorically. and let's say that what is happening right now -- and it is unfortunate for the american people -- what is happening right now is that both sides of the aisle are trying to herd of goats with language -- up folks with language that does not do justice to this, very difficult, something very much needed in this country. there have been a lot of discussion about this funding mechanism, this $50 million -- this $50 billion bailout fund, if you will -- and those are somebody else's words by the way, not mine. let's just talk about this and i know the american people are probably tuning and in some cases and wonder how we are jumping into this without a lot of dialogue, but the fact is that we have a financial regulation bill that i hope will come before us and that will dills something called orderly liquidation, so that when a large institution fails, it actually fails. i think
governor, virginia governor and d.c. mayor adrian fenty will all meet in alexandria. the thee plan to discuss what came out of that meeting later this morning. >>> president obama speaking before a crowd in california. got a little rowdy there. the president stumping for fellow democrats to raise money for upcoming mid-term elections. he is standing beside senator barbara boxer. hecklers interrupted the president several times during his speech some calling on him to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. >> i'm sorry. do you want to come up here? all right. because can i just say once again barbara and i are supportive of repealing don't ask, don't tell so i don't know why you are hollering. >> president obama's events are expected to raise as much as three and a half million dollars for senator boxer and the democratic national committee. >>> coming up next the president and vice president are heading to west virginia this weekend to help remember the 29 workers killed in the worst mining disaster this country has scene in decades. >>> another round of recalls for to
safety troubles. now the heads of d.c. maryland and virginia are teaming up to personal ek get metro back on track. >> as almost everyone knows metro rail has had a terrible year. a fatal crash, work accident and derailments, federal regulators have put metro under the microscope and now there's a hen proposal for even more oversight. the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent much of an hour discussion metro state of issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the governor appoints. in d.c. the mayor appoints half, the city council appoints half. in virginia, the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time to be a little bit more hands on and we'll be working to either legislate it or -- >> reporter: the three executiv
. >>> still ahead, safety on the rails, the governor's of maryland, virginia and d.c. afraid of the metro system. what they're planning to do. >>> coming up, local researchers found a way to speed up the detection of dangerous organisms, buying time that could save lives. >>> lucky to be alive. the freak accident, a horse managed to survive. >>> it's a sunny, mild, calm afternoon, things can change. get your updated forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a series of mistakes by a california couple ends with the baby dead in the car. they left the baby in the car for 13 hours because each thought the other brought the baby inside. they found the baby, it was 78 degrees outside but the heat inside the car was must worse. >>> a horse in tennessee is a walking miracle. a horse returned home after being impaled by a tree limb. after several surgeries, he was allowed to go home to his own barn. >> a new tool to fight bio terrorism is tested and it could save lives by saving crucial time. it's won. >>> a sampling device. >> it works rapidly, it takes on the order of 30 minutes to identify a
of roanoke, virginia. roanoke, virginia. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the institute of medicine is putting pressure on the fda to lower the amount of sodium and americans' diets. it is in processed foods like soup, pizza, and deli meat. there is a report from the iom that says neither the companies or the government has done enough. the average consumer eats about double the salt that they actually need. it could lead to hypertension and other health problems. dodge the fda should regulate it like it does many other substances that are not considered safe at all levels. >> they are considering the recommendations. from better to sweet. there is concern over sweeteners found in processed foods and beverages. the higher amounts of these additives could increase the risk of heart disease. doctors say if you're concerned about heart disease, you will have to look at your added sugar intake. the new study adds to the body of evidence that suggests eating a lot of hard red meat increases the risk of b
kind in the state of virginia. >>> the supreme court struck down a federal law today aimed at banning videos that show graphic violence. at issue was the conviction of robert stevens. the virginia man was sentenced to three years in prison for videos he made about pit bullfights. the videos are within the bounds of free speech and threw out his conviction. the humane society is firing back, forcing congress to treat them like child pornography, which isn't protected under free speech. >>> taxation without representation will continue in the district. house majority leader announced tuesday that lawmakers will not take up legislation this week giving dc residents a vote in the house of representatives. dc residents who pay federal taxes and serve in the military have been denied a vote in congress. when congress designated the area a federal district. >> goldman sachs reported it earned -- that is almost twice what it made in the same period last year. the announcement comes just days after the government said it was suing goldman sachs for fraud and it comes just as congress pushes f
and inclusive place for people of every race, gender, background, and faith." she was also a virginia native, born in richmond. bob mcdonnell has asked all state flags fly at half mast today. kathy park, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> more details. she had been in the hospital since her 98 birthday last month. she was on the platform at the lincoln memorial when martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech. she died of natural causes. >>> major waterboarded is being lifted for residents across northwest washington. residents across northwest were told not to use water because of a spike in chlorine levels. you should not shower or drink it. the warning now just applies to wait six-block radius. and that radius is shrinking. >>> the house has abandoned legislation giving d.c. a vote in congress. it will now likely not take it up at all this year. steny hoyer said a major problem was its inclusion of a provision eliminating the top gun control laws. >>> there is no suspects in the murder of a popular principle found dead in his home. last wednesday, officials say brian betts was sti
irene height was born in 1912 in richmond, virginia. but at the age of 4, she moved with her family to ranken, pennsylvania, where she spent most of her childhood. with her outstanding school record and many awards for exceptional oratory skills, she landed a scholarship that took her to new york university and earned both bachelors and masters degrees there in just four years. her work career began as a casework wert new york city welfare department and she soon became an active lead nerts struggle for equal reitz for both women and african-americans. her magazines nat commitment to the fight for equality led her to work for the desegregation of the armed forces, reform of the criminal justice system and for access to public accommodations for all people. for more than 40 years, dorothy height served as president of the national council of negro women. she has received 36 honorary doctorate deees. from some of the country's most outstanding colleges and universities. one of those honorary degrees came from barnard college in new york where she, many years ago, was turned away when
virginia. greensboro, charlotte. just approaching charleston, west virginia. and by tomorrow morning, we will see light rain in the region. and on and off during the day tomorrow. most of this will pass across virginia. we'll be in the northern fringe of that, seeing some rain in our area, tomorrow afternoon. into the evening hours. before it clears out late tomorrow night. look at temperatures. still another mild day. our normal high is 66, 67. that's where we are right now. 66, 68 in washington. a little more sun, south of d.c. 62 in oakland. not too bad out there. and 57 off the water. cooling down in ocean city. still very dry. dew point is down to mid-30s. clouds coming down late tonight. we're going to have to get moist before we see the rain coming down. winds very, very light. they have been out of the south and southwest. here's that little system over portions of northern virginia. it's heading across the carolinas with the rain. now it's in the western carolinas. southwestern virginia getting light rain. all of this is moving off to the east/northeast. just south of washington
are starting to dry just a little bit. southwest virginia coming up towards roanoke. that will make its way up toward charlottesville. probably won't really impact our region until the middle of the day tomorrow. i've been the main rush-hour will be tomorrow evening's rush- hour. we can use rain. 70 degrees at the inner harbor. the normal high as 66. the low was 39 at bwi marshal. the tree pollen came down a little bit today. 65 both checking in at 66 degrees down toward the coast, with the future cast trowing range staying in virginia. we will wake up a cloudy skies as they increase overnight. temperatures will not be as chile. the system is not very strong. it has an area of low pressure tracking east and trying to draw moisture out of the goal -- out of the gulf. this is followed by high- pressure through thursday. it starts to have our way for the weekend. moving off the coast tomorrow, showers may redevelop on thursday, and the next threat of rain won't arrive until late evening. we will try to move it in our direction. it will be cooler tomorrow because of the clouds, showers, and the br
georgetown sur, en virginia, los robos los cometen los afroamericanos...las victimas son los hispanos... "la victima era caminando en una tienda, y en el otro caso, la victima era caminando entre casas...." los asaltos ocurren en la noche y en plena calle... con un palo o a patadas, los atacantes interceptan para golpear a sus victimas.... este pasado fin de semana dos hispanos golpeados... "los sospechosos le pegaron a las victimas y robaron como dinero, un ipod" sin tener describciones especificas, la policia esta buscando a un grupo de jovenes afroamericanos ...tambien buscan a una joven de 13 anos... esta ama de casa dice que en el barrio los asaltos no son ajenos, muchos se aprovechan que algunos hispanos no hablan ingles... "quizas uno no se puede defender y ya ellos ...como ellos son de aqui pues se aprovechan de uno...." la policia insta a hispanos en el area a no salir de noche solo... "si tiene que ir a una tienda y no puede manejar, camine con un dos o 3 personas... y tambien si algo paso, la cosa mas impor
changes in washington. >> reporter: the virginia side of the potomac river is as close as gun laws would allow these demonstrators to get to where they most want their message heard, the white house and capitol hill. critics worry that guns at rallies and inflammatory rhetoric could lead to violence. >> they've mixed the gun message with this anti-health care and anti-tax message, so that it seems that like guns are sort of a defense against this tyrannical government that's overreaching. >> reporter: the so-called open carry rallies have been cropping up around the country. not all gun rights groups think they're a good idea. some steered clear. and made the same political points -- >> we've got to take this country back from the socialists running congress. >> reporter: -- at a larger unarmed second amendment rally at the washington monument. joel brown, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >>> new details are out about a school spying case in pennsylvania. a suburban philadelphia school district is acknowledging that it secretly took 56,000 images from school laptops issued to students. one
in washington and you'll find a 70-degree reading down toward culpepper, virginia. the rest of the evening, down to the low 60s. variable cloudy skies. enjoy it and enjoy a dry start tomorrow. after tomorrow early, things begin to change. we'll talk about when the rain comes in and when it blows out all coming up. >>> let's talk pets. specifically stink bugs. what exactly is a stink bug? they are those pesky, creepy, crawly bugs that invade our gardens and communities. they are easy to spot, too, with the brown armor plated outer shells, but what makes the bugs smell so bad? it's when you kill them. experts say the owedder is something you will remember. that's why they have to wear latex gloves. >> reporter: people that have no problem will just squish it although the stink will be all over their hands. >> experts say the stink bug is considered a good bug since it eats all of the harmful insects like clover, worm caterpillars, things that eat up your garden. >>> coming up, it is an eye ontic compound with nacl. you know it as table salt. coming up, why the fda is cracking down on how much a
. a little cooler out in far western maryland. they under the low 70s into virginia and richmond right now. this is all seasonable and typical stuff for the latter part of april. a little spoiled there earlier this month with thele 0s and 9 -- the 80s and 90s. it will bring increasing cloud cover tomorrow right now. our band of cloud cover is breaking up. we've got more coming out of the south and west. this will likely bring rain tomorrow after nan and tomorrow evening. not a lot of rain. this storm is not that impressive. it is a relatively large storm but doesn't look like a lot of punch. the showers will not hold together all that well tomorrow evening. we will see scattered showers. cooler stuff north of us, but it's where we're watching that's south and west of us as this line of showers comes out of the virginia area into maryland tomorrow afternoon. this is 5:00. could douse our beltway here with some showers around that peak evening commute. you know just a few rain drops will cause major headaches. this looks like it will fizzle out after sun schett tomorrow evening. and then ma
there twice a year. >>> judgment day for the man who decapitated a virginia tech student. his fate and what he had to say in court today. >>> plus, a close call for a young boy. a laptop computer fell out of the sky and nearly hit him. wait until you hear how that happened. >> that's the craziest thing i heard fall out of the sky in a while. >>> we're watching temperatures closely. i'll let you know when to expect and we have some showers on the way. >>> first, quick check of our rundown. a few of the stories we're working on the news edge. we're back in one minute. hang tight. as if it wasn't enough to make it with a full third pound... of 100% angus beef, they had the audacity to use a bakery-style bun... and crinkle cut the pickles. there's no denying it, that's a third strip of bacon. have they no shame! angus axiom #39: it's an embarrassment of riches. the astonishing angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba grz. >>> i would like to offer my most sincere apology and remorse to the victim's family and loved ones. >> an apology in court. he killed a woman he met t
as tuscaloosa, alabama. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has high hopes for the commonwealth's tourism industry. and what it can do for the local economy here. he spoke about virginia's tourism summit today in fairfax. governor accounted virginia's rich civil war history as a big draw but he stopped short of making any specific mention of his controversial declaration of april as confederate history month. he also said that tourism will play a big role in balancing the budget. >> tourism can make a big difference so every room night, every ticket to king's dominion, every time somebody visits the park, it is revenues that visit the prif al at sector, create tax revenues for the state. >> governor mcdonnell also talked about push to get more virginians to take vacations within the commonwealth. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley was in college park continuing his jobs across maryland's tour. he said at the university of maryland to talk about the importance of a efficient government. new die that puts maryland at the top of a list in the country of states with jobs with huge growth f
of examples of that today. gun rights activists took to the streets in virginia. protestors held what they called a restore the constitution rally. part of the call to action did encourage the people attending the virginia protest to openly carry their guns. tonight we'll also talk to the founder of a group called oath keepers. they were protesting on the mall in d.c. on this issue. these rallies are taking place on patriots day, commemorating the start of the revolutionary war. but of course, april 19 has another more somber significance. 15 years ago today, timothy mcveigh blew up the murrah federal building in oklahoma city, killing 168 people. later in the show, we'll hear from some of the youngest survivors of that, and dig in to the shocking case of a pair of home grown extremists that some are cull calling the new mcveigh. that coming up as well. and then on another front, one big reason i think a lot of people disfr frutrust our gover wall street, the sec charges may have taken place at goldman sachs. we'll talk to one man who said he saw all of this coming. eliot spitzer once
to the inner loop, a mess coming out of the virginia. you have delays starting near the toll road around the new hampshire avenue. an early accident has been clean. you're slow again from route 1 to the baltimore washington parkway due to an earlier accident. moving into virginia. southbound i-95, very heavy near the beltway, down to wood bridge where another accident has been cleared. was blocking the left side. and now taking a look at i-395 in virginia. in good shape, a little bit slow from seminary down to duke street. back to you. >>> from the best mattresses to the sheets with high thread counts. coming up in tonight's consumer alert. topper. >> we are looking at sunshine, but it is fading. we'll tell you if we are looking at a welt commute in the morning. >>> all right top, how do you feel about terrell owens coming to the redskins? donovan mcnabb loves the idea. lobbying to have his former philly teammate join him in dc. details coming up when 9news now at 5:00 returns in 50 seconds. >>> we want to take you to breaking news out of ann run anarundel county. investigating a report
morning. welcome back. i'm adam caskey outside the virginia square metro station. it's not a bad day in the beltway. we have some cooler outlying areas. it's 51 degrees right here. in stafford it's in the upper 30's. this is a popular family, looking east from chesapeake beach over the chesapeake bay, a few clouds in the sky. clouds will increase throughout the midday and afternoon. 49 in chesapeake beach. today will be seasonable with highs in the upper 60's. morning sunshine gives way to midday clouds. gentle rain showers tomorrow. scattered, light rain. the weekend looks unsettled with cloudy skies and rain off and on. >> metrorail started the morning with emergency track maintenance for red line customers. however, they are reporting that track minutes is complete. no longer any delays expected according to metrorail along the red line. let's take you to newschopper 7. this is traffic leaving lake ridge. 95 lanes are open. its normal volume growing on 95 in prince william and in springfield. >> the capitals have taken a lead in the playoff series with montreal. it was a decision
will travel to west virginia to deliver a eulogy for the 29 miners killed in a coal mine explosion. the white house announced that the president and vice president would attend a memorial service on sunday. the april 5th blast at the upper big branch mine in raleigh county was the nation's worst coal mine disaster since 1970. president obama has ordered a sweeping review of mine safety records and called for stronger laws. >>> new york martin o'malley is speaking out. the video was released last week, shot during the celebration that followinged a big win by the university of maryland's men's basketball team over duke last month. the governor calls the beating a very serious issue and spoke about it yesterday during wtop's ask the governor program. >> lots of people have seen the video. very few of us were actually there on the scene. but i'm sure this matter will receive the attention that it deserves from the chief of police of prince george's county. >> four police officers have been suspended since this video was released. >>> stay tuned, right now, because news4 at 5:00 begins at this mo
to bladensberg road and again at the third street tunnel. and virginia avenue slowing at florida avenue. 66 out of centreville, heavy and slow continuing in toward the exit there at 28 and then you have more delays as you continue between 50 fair oaks and 123, nutley street and the beltway. the beltway is on and off the brakes leaving braddock toward the 66. outer loop below speed leaving new hampshire. southbound 29 slow toward white oak and university boulevard. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> our big story this morning, mixed news for the millions of travelers stranded because of the volcano in iceland. >> the test flights show the concentration of ash in the air is fading at the same time. great britain's air traffic agency said another volcanic ash cloud is headed their way. sarah simmons is live at national with details. good morning. >> reporter: it is certainly not what passengers want to hear, that another ash cloud could be spreading. despite that, some airports have opened around the world, placed like scotland, switzerland and germany. and there are even flights i
of the virginia tech massacre and the families of two students killed are pressing congress to close the so-called gun show loophole. in a full page ad in today's richmond times dispatch, they ask u.s. senators jim webb and mark warntory support a bill that would require private sellers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows. gun rights activists oppose the measure. >>> hundreds of gun rights activists rallied on both sides of the potomac today over your right to bear arms. one group packing heat gathered in arlington. their counterparts gathered on the national mall. bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: there were about as many journalists at the rally as gun rights activists. we had our cameras. >> this is the springfield 1911 45. >> reporter: they had their guns. >> pump shotgun. this is a primary home defense weapon. >> reporter: many were touting shotguns. others brought their rifles, pistols, even a few semiautomatic machine guns, all supposedly unloaded. >> i'm carrying a riverle today. you're to have it over your showld we are the barrel pointing down. >> reporter: they'
miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at the public service on sunday. vice president joe biden will also be there. the april blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. president obama has ordered a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> a series of unfortunate events is now police are describing the situation that led to the death of a 7-month- old baby in california. two parents left their daughter in the car after getting home saturday night. police say both adults thought another one took the infant n they went to bed. around 3:00 a.m., they slept until noon the income day. the next more than, the father left for the gym not realizing his infant was dead in the back of the car. >> both parents had seen the door to the child's room closed and had assumed the other parent put her in the crib. apparently she was a light sleeper so it wasn't their practice to go into the room so she wouldn't wake her up. >>> the u.s. department of education is repealing a policy carried over from the bush administration. it allowed schools
of the american revolutionary war. >>> the leader d.c., maryland and virginia are meeting right now. mayor adrian fenty and alley and bob mcdonnell are talking about issues like transportation funding and public safety initiatives in alexandria. >>> meanwhile governor bob mcdonnell is looking at the status of virginia's various transportation. they are conducting an audit. mcdonnell said the audits are not meant to point fingers at past administrations but rather to get an update of the status of the programs. the audits are expected to cost less than $500,000. >>> a town hall meeting was held yesterday to help ease the gridlock on i-66. national and state experts talked about increasing the use of shoulder main lanes and opening the monument and spring fellow h.o.v. lanes and a bus-only ramp at nutley street. if you would like to watch last night's meeting go to and click on web links. >>> well it was picked up at a bar. now it's been leaked to the public. we'll have a sneak peek of the next generation iphone. >>> and holly is out house hunting. i like that one, holly. >> i like this
contribute to haiti. it will help the red cross and the central virginia food bank. >>> in preparing for this chilly, chilly day -- >> we will warm back up, it happens a lot in early april. let's look at the temperatures at the moment, three stops on the weather network. a 20 degree drop-off of the high this afternoon of 66 degrees. let's go to the other end of the viewing area through fredericksburg where it is 47, the high 67 degrees. it is 57 today after a high of 53 -- 63. it is very close to average for this day in april. the next couple of days, just going to be a continuation -- a frost advisory with shenandoah and because the county where it will be in the low to mid 30's. it will be 38-45 degrees. 53 degrees in billy, cold air slightly -- bowie. the weather pattern does not show major extremes. quickly off to the west, partly sunny for morning. on wednesday, some rain may come our way. it will start, but a nice finish temperature wise. that will move out of the high and off to the east. it will probably be sometime on wednesday morning for rain, bits of rain throughout the d
are right now and south west of us over parts of virginia and southern portions of west virginia, kentucky and tennessee getting some rain down through georgia where they get strong thunderstorms and what is causing this is actually a system that is area of low pressure that will 10 to drive our direction ahead of that cold front that is showers and maybe even few rumble of thunder rightal the front as we go into the next 24 hours. definitely tomorrow keep your umbrella with you because you probably need them. tonight expect to see clouds gathering. few showers late overnight tonight. temperatures dropping down to right around 56 degrees.i'll have closer look at the 7 day forecast and show you if we get more ran towards the weekend coming up in a bit. >> okay. you can be in charge of your own personalize weather forecast. i radar now available at fox use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your neighborhood. just go to fox slash i radar. >> woman widely considered to be the matriarch of the civil rights movement has passed on. dorothy hy
cleared so hopefully that will clear up quickly. here is a look at virginia. the extremely slow on 95 southbound started near springfield and continuing to 123. an earlier crash made everything difficult route to the stretch. some very slow traffic in a lot of different places. back to you. >> thank you. >>> coming up, it is good but can be bad for your help. see what the government has planned for salty foods. >> the internet is buzzing after a researcher loses a top-secret device. >> they sacrificed their lives and come back less than whole. >> they sacrificed their lives and come back less than whole. how little competition is somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> a man walked into a bar and sa
from virginia and my friend from connecticut had a press conference earlier today to talk about some of the issues that are being talked about rhetorically. and let's say that what is happening right now -- and it is unfortunate for the american people -- what is happening right now is that both sides of the aisle are trying to herd of goats with language -- up folks with language that does not do justice to this, very difficult, something very much needed in this country. there have been a lot of discussion about this funding mechanism, this $50 million -- this $50 billion bailout fund, if you will -- and those are somebody else's words by the way, not mine. let's just talk about this and i know the american people are probably tuning and in some cases and wonder how we are jumping into this without a lot of dialogue, but the fact is that we have a financial regulation bill that i hope will come before us and that will dills something called orderly liquidation, so that when a large institution fails, it actually fails. i think that is what the american people would like to see happ
degree reading down in culpepper, virginia. through the rest of the evening, staying pleasant in the 60s. generally cloudy skies. we'll talk more about when the clouds may spit out a little bit of rain coming up. kelly? >> thanks, wyatt. >>> today, america lost a piece of its history. civil rights activist and long time president of the negro council dorrly height has died. she helped orchestrate the civil rights movement of the 1960s. late activist c. delores tucker once called her a legacy. we'll have more coming up tonight at 5:30. >>> tonight, a visitation is being held for former naacp executive director dr. benjamin hooks. the visitation runs through 8:30 at a church in his hometown of memphis. he died last week at 85. he led the naacp to prominence in 1970s and 1980s. >>> funeral arrangements have been set for former baltimore archbishop william borders. he died yesterday of colon cancer. he was 96 years old. a public viewing take place thursday at 10:30 at the cathedral of mary our queen located at 5200 north charles street. on friday, reverend borders funeral will begin at 1:
committee. president obama will make a tribute to the 29 miners killed in west virginia. he will deliver. eulogy at sunday's public service. the april 5th blast at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. the cause is under investigation. the president has harded a review of mine safety records and is calling for stronger mining laws. >>> as police look for a motive in a deadly hospital shooting in knoxville, tennessee, the cab driver is now talking. he says the man and angry and depressed. he gave the driver $20 asked him to wait. he pulled out a gun and started shooting women outside the hospital. he injured two, killed one and killed himself. >>> the two most wanted men in iraq are dead. they were targeted by u.s. and iraqi forces. they were killed in a nighttime attack. vice president biden says this could be a devastating blow to the terrorist cell. >>> there is more trouble for toyota. safety concerns are forcing another round of recalls, this one involving its lexus suv. the automaker is now recalling 94 hunch its 2010 lexus gs 460s because of a high roll overrisk. problem was
virginia and my friend from connecticut had a press conference earlier today to talk about some of the issues that are being talked about rhetorically. and let's say that what is happening right now -- and it is unfortunate for the american people -- what is happening right now is that both sides of the aisle are trying to herd of goats with language -- up folks with language that does not do justice to this, very difficult, something very much needed in this country. there have been a lot of discussion about this funding mechanism, this $50 million -- this $50 billion bailout fund, if you will -- and those are somebody else's words by the way, not mine. let's just talk about this and i know the american people are probably tuning and in some cases and wonder how we are jumping into this without a lot of dialogue, but the fact is that we have a financial regulation bill that i hope will come before us and that will dills something called orderly liquidation, so that when a large institution fails, it actually fails. i think that is what the american people would like to see happ
me give you a check of the top stories here at cnn. president obama travels to west virginia this weekend to deliver the eulogy at a memorial service for 29 miners killed this month. explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in four decades. since then mr. billiobama calle more oversight. >>> 8-1 vote, struck down a law banning videos that shows violate to animals. it showed pit bulls attacking other animals. the humane society says it will ask congress to adopt another ban on sale of such videos. >>> kurdistan's president fled the capital after violent protests earlier this month. the president of belarus says he and his family are now under his personal protection. those now in charge in kurdistan says if he returns they'll throw it in jail. >>> coming up, is the worst of the volcanic ash mess over or the volcanic ash mess over or only started? [ male announcer ] competition... >>> parents, check your kids' candy and i putting the word candy in quotes. researchers say your kids can get nicotine poisoning from tobacco products that look lik
is quintessentially american. those individuals were demonstrating in washington and virginia. pro-gun rallies by people who fear their second amendment rights are being taken away or threatened. a lot of people are upset with the government, nothing wrong with that. there are a few fringe groups whose views have become alarming to washington. the question is, are they a real threat? up close tonight, here's more. >> reporter: not far from the texas capital, down a dim staircase, is one of the new faces of a political movement coming to a boil. 9/11, government conspiracy? >> i don't know, but everyone should question it. >> obama, born or not born in the u.s.? >> i don't know that but we should question that, too. >> reporter: we met katherine in this bookstore, brave new books, where this leader of the liberty restoration project tries to explain her anti-war, pro-community garden, and extremely anti-obama conservative movement. are you necessarily anti-government? >> no, i am anti-coercion and i'm anti-force. so i believe any sort of government should be consensual. >> reporter: she believe
because we've had a beautiful day but showers are already starting to sneak into southwestern virginia. nothing to worry about tonight. nice and dry but i'll let you know when the showers will roll into town and things are looking. fox 5 news at 6:00 will be right back. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> israel celebrating its independence day. 62ped anniversary of the founding of the jewish state according to the hebrew calendar. the president and prime minister hosted ceremonies for soldiers and veterans. >>> iran's nuclear ambitions certainly a threat to israel but a new report by the department of defense finds that iran could develop a missle capable of reaching the united st
to the sprawling metro airport in bridgeport, west virginia. population, 8,000. so dre drew took a short flight to show you your money is being well spent and we do mean short flight. >> the shortest flight i've ever been on except for an aborted takeoff, right? >> there you go. >> i shouldn't complain i'm making a living doing the government waste stuff, i wish, kyra, when they're watching this story that i'm about to show you. those of you that pay federal taxes, take out your w-2, look at your statement and now watch this story. this airport near clarksburg, west virginia, boasts quick check-ins, free accessible parking and convenient baggage claim which is not surprising because the planes don't exactly cue up at north central west virginia airport. >> you can park here for free. you can park right next to the terminal. you can park all day and watch and you may not see a single plane. >> and if you did stay all day you'd catch just three commercial departures carrying on average six passengers. but still, the federal government pours money into this airport 30 million to lengthen the runwa
killed in west virginia. the president will deliver a eulogy on sunday. vice president joe biden will also attend the service. >>> he's the target of a lot of opposition. >> the political fund raiser that president obama attended and the momentum he hoped to gan. >> also she grew up in baltimore county. this morning acadny award winner monique is revealing new details about traumatic experiences as a child. >> and known for speaking her mind, but it's the donation from her body that's getting attention here this morning. >>> we'll try to get some attention from the sun the warmer side of this chilly morning. up to mid 60s but rain showers at least by late wednesday. after that a couple of warm dry days by the end of the week. quick peek at the roads with troy. >> we look at the roads, 695 and liberty road looking good on the outer loop of the beltway. no real problems on the topside as well. late clearing construction crews are jamming up traffic and 695 as we look at the maps you can see where that issue is and here are your drive times this morning. 695 outer loop, the 1-minute
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